Summer 2011

I have begun work on Charles Dieupart's lovely suites for flute and basso continuo. French baroque music has always intimidated me, but after hearing Dieupart, Hotteterre, and others, I had to learn how to play it.

Please check back frequently for samples of this beautiful music. I can't wait for you to hear it.

November 3, 2009
CD has officially been released. Concerti per Flauto is back from the printers and is available for a suggested donation of $10. If you are interested, just shoot me an email at the address on the upper right. Support independent artists!

Track List: Antonio Vivaldi "Concertos for Recorder, String Orchestra, and Basso Continuo"

Please listen to samples. The sample links take you to macjams where you can listen and/or download. More samples will be added slowly, check back often.

I. Concerto in C minor, RV 441
1. Allegro non molto
2. Largo
3. (Allegro)

II. Concerto in F major, RV 433 "La Tempesta di Mare"
4. Allegro
5. Largo
6. Presto

III. Concerto in A minor, RV 108
7. Allegro
8. Largo
9. Allegro

IV. Concerto in C major, RV 443
10. Allegro
11. Largo
12. Allegro

V. Concerto in G minor, RV 439 "La Notte"
13. Largo
14. Presto (Fantasmi - Largo)
15. Presto
16. Largo (Il Sonno)
17. Allegro

VI. Concerto in F major, RV 442
18. Allegro ma non tanto
19. Largo cantabile
20. Allegro

NEWS! July 18, 2008

I have taken down the paypal links for a couple of reasons. Mainly due to the fact that the raw audio files of both cdr's along with the artwork for both discs were lost in a recent computer hard drive failure. Until I can retrieve these items "In Stil Moderno" will only be available as a copy of the original with a very plain cover, and obviously at a reduced price. Any interest should be directed to the email address at right. They are available for $7.00/ea., shipping included. What a steal!

Furthermore, "Baroque Works For Flauto Dolce" will no longer be available. I am working on volume 2 of "Baroque Works..." with a better understanding of mixing and overall production, and a higher quality instrument, so I guess, something I'm less embarrased by. If you really want it, contact me and I'll see what I can do. I am leaving the links to the mp3 samples for your listening pleasure.

stay tuned for more music!

In Stil Moderno

Now available! Finally finished!

"...inspired and living..." - Dr. Rene Clemencic, Clemencic Consort

Dario Castello's first book of 12 Sonate Concertate for various instruments.


track 5: Sonata Quinta a 2 - alto recorder, viola da gamba, and virginal.
track 7: Sonata Settima a 2 - alto recorder, bass recorder, and harp.
track 11: Sonata Undecima a 3 - two alto recorders, bass dulcian, and harpsichord.
track 12: Sonata Duodecima a 3 - two alto recorders, viola da gamba, and harpsichord.

track list:

1. Sonata Prima à 2 - two soprano recorders, viola da gamba and harpsichord.
2. Sonata Seconda à 2 - soprano recorder, oboe, viola da gamba and harpsichord.
3. Sonata Terza à 2 - alto recorder, trumpet, bass dulcian, organ and harpsichord.
4. Sonata Quarta à 2 - alto recorder and lute.
5. Sonata Quinta à 2 - alto recorder, viola da gamba and virginal.
6. Sonata Sesta à 2 - soprano recorder, bass dulcian and organ.
7. Sonata Settima à 2 - alto recorder, bass recorder and harp.
8. Sonata Ottava à 2 - alto recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord.
9. Sonata Nona à 3 - two sopranino recorders, bass dulcian and theorbo.
10. Sonata Decima à 3 - soprano recorder, alto recorder, bass recorder and harp.
11. Sonata Undecima à 3 - two alto recorders, bass dulcian and harpsichord.
12. Sonata Duodecima à 3 - two alto recorders, viola da gamba and harpsichord.

Baroque Works for Flauto Dolce

Debut CDR from the ensemble with works by Vivaldi, Simon, Marcello, and Sieber.

29 tracks

"Compliments...a musical and warm atmosphere!"
Dr. Rene Clemencic, dir. Clemencic Consort


Marcello, Adagio from Sonata Op. 2 No. 2 in D minor. Track 18
Simon, Adagio from Concerto in C minor. Track 4

Track list
Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto Op.10 No. 5 in F major for Recorder, String Orchestra
and Basso Continuo RV434

1. Allegro ma non tanto
2. Largo e cantabile
3. Allegro

Martin Simon, Chamber Concerto in C minor for Oboe, 2 Recorders and Basso Continuo
4. Adagio
5. Allegro
6. Adagio
7. Allegro
8. Adagio
9. Allegro
10. Adagio
11. Vivace
12. Adagio
13. Presto

Benedetto Marcello, 2 Sonatas from Op. 2 for Recorder and Basso Continuo
No. 1 in F major
14. Adagio
15. Allegro
16. Largo
17. Allegro

No. 2 in D minor
18. Adagio
19. Allegro
20. Largo
21. Allegro

Ignazio Sieber, 2 Sonatas for Recorder and Basso Continuo
No. 1 (IV) in A minor
22. Preludio, Largo
23. Corrente, Allegro
24. Ceciliana, Largo
25. Capricio, Allegro

No. 2 in G minor
26. Preludio, Largo
27. Corrente, Allegro
28. Sarabanda, Largo
29. Allemanda, Allegro